Why recording customer calls is important

In the current world, most businesses are becoming mobile with their activities conducted online. Most transactions are facilitated by communication between the seller and the buyer through telephone calls. Subsequently, conflicts about who said what, and at what time often feature in many organizations. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for reliable call recording system to resolve these disputes. To maintain customers’ loyalty, call recording should be embraced.

Different businesses especially financial institutions like banks and insurance companies take into consideration compliance and quality assurance policies. It is obvious that customers are interested in quality of services more than anything else from these institutions. Customers provide feedback based on quality of services they are offered. They may also provide suggestions that when implemented can attract more sales. Phone call recording provides the basis of keeping track of conversation between the firm’s customer care and the clients to evaluate the quality of services and fill some loopholes where possible. Recorded calls can become assets from which the executive team can find new / emerging trends, identify the team’s superstars, find performance flaws, and maximize the ultimate center’s opportunities by ensuring a friendly environment for customer service.

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Call recording is also important for customer support. Are customers satisfied with what they receive after communicating with the business? Quality assurance on customer support is necessary for answering this question. Sometimes customer care help desk can misuse the firm’s communication devices by using them for personal matters. Research shows that only 31 % of business organizations closely monitor the quality of their interaction with target clients. Having a well-defined system to record any telephone call can help monitor this situation. If you are depending on customer satisfaction in driving revenue for your firm, then call recording is necessary to determine if your employees are adhering to your message.

Entrepreneurs record their calls so as to keep track of information directed by their executives to different departments and asses the quality of their services. This also helps the management to evaluate the kind of relationship existing among staff. This further helps to correct any bad image that is growing in the business which can be a threat in the long run.

An employee behavior may have a negative impact on the well-being of the organization, irrespective of its size. An employee who demonstrate disregard for the organization’s ethics may slip, with their activities unnoticed by the management. Call recording enables organizations to audit employees’ acts and act accordingly to ensure they conduct themselves professionally.

Sometimes conflicts arise between the business and customers. This can go to an extent of the company being exposed to negative reputational and financial consequences. Recording phone calls can safeguard the business against possible claims of wrong deeds and help avoid punitive legal action and maintain a positive image.

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Capitalizing on call recording also enables organizations to gain insight on how their esteemed customers are actually being treated. This further alerts the management to correct performance issues of the employees that may lead to loss of the customers.

Focus on providing customer service can easily drive the process of acquiring potential customers. In the current digital era, where social media and blogs are widely used, customers can adversely spread information about a company, whether negative or positive. This eventually can significantly affect the company’s image as perceived by the public. Call recording therefore enables the company to check on this in the early stages and try to act based on the actual information being spread.

Moreover, call recording enhances knowledge collaboration among organizations and networking of important information. Despite the fact that initial resolution is important in most call centers, additional follow-up should be done to ensure the most helpful and accurate information is received by the customers. This actually means obtaining the shared information between the call center environment and the customer is important for further analysis. It also enhances delivery of the right information hence resulting to superior and more reliable customer service.

The sluggish economic growth and fears of a future recession will definitely influence the spending levels of consumers. This in turn has an effect on the organizational spending. In most cases, IT and marketing costs will be compressed. However, companies should invest in marketing to attract and acquire new customers. In addition, companies should focus on influencing the existing customers to continue transacting with them. Call recording plays a key role in accomplishing such a strategy.

Recording mobile phone conversations is a superb tool that allows the personnel supervisor to assess the performance of the call-based team members by grading various conversations and offer advice for improvement. This is beneficial to both parties as well as increasing the sales margin of the organization.

Call recording is also important for industry regulations and compliance. Some industries are mandated by governing bodies to always record telephone conversations. This act may be an obligation enforced by legal bodies with an aim of regulating the business activities. Recording conversations on legal or medical advice are targeted on professional advice since they are critical fields and any fault advice can force legal action to be taken against the advisor.

Most institutions, both governmental and non-governmental record all time conversations to avoid abuse and increase security. Nowadays, threats are often made through telephone calls since the threatening party remains virtually away and anonymous from the targeted person or organization. There is also increasing circumstances where public workers are verbally abused by their colleagues. Furthermore, staff can be abused or harassed by external callers. It is thus the employer’s role to protect his / her employees from such malicious calls.

In a threatening situation like the one described above, recording calls is beneficial as it allows the employee who has been abused to ascertain the level of harshness of the call, then prove identity of the caller. An action can then be taken to act on such an instance and give out a warning to others.

A good number of companies have recognized the benefits of having phone calls recorded regardless of the business size. Research shows that several organizations are increasingly installing recording application systems on their call centers.

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