Call from Web plugin for Wordpress

What is a Call from Web plugin for Wordpress?

A Wordpress plugin is a piece of software that allows you to extend your self-hosted Wordpress page without the knowledge of programming.

Call from Web Wordpress plugin will extend your website by adding a call button to your website and start accepting calls from your visitors.
You can get more information about the plugin on the Wordpress plugin website.



1. Add the plugin to Wordpress

Open your Wordpress admin panel select Plugins Add New.
Plugins > Add New

Search for "Call from Web" plugin and click "Install Now".
Click on "Install Now"

2. Activate the Plugin

Once the plugin has been installed, click on "Activate Plugin". Click on "Activate Plugin"

3. Configure the Plugin

Once the plugins has been installed and activated, it needs to be configured. Click on Settings Call From Web.
Settings > Call From Web

Enter your Widget Id provided by Call from Web admin page and click on Save Changes. (What's Widget Id and how do I get it? )
Enter Widget ID


* You do not need to paste any HTML code with a Wordpress plugin.

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Contact support if you have any questions regarding the plugin.

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